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Welcome to another installment of Everyday Magick! I have been focused on house repairs, upgrade to the Spiritual Training Network website, and a weekend to go crystal shopping!

House Repairs

I am sure you know that in 2021 our house was hit by an EF2 tornado (130 mph winds) that damaged our roof and caused extensive interior water damage.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to move back in, I am very excited. I have so many things I want to be able to do and being in this little teeny apartment is cramping my style!

Upgrading The Spiritual Training Network

If you’ve been following me long enough, or maybe you haven’t and you’re new. Let me tell you, I am a website crazy person. I am constantly upgrading, changing and moving around my website to different platforms. I am happy on wordpress(com) for this website. It has a job to do and I think wordpress is the perfect platform for me. Self hosting ends me up with hundreds of spam emails a week no matter what I do.

My teaching school though I was unsure which platform I wanted to host my website with. I have tried many different platforms in the past.

I started off with teachable but I found that the actual building of the site didn’t allow me the freedom I wanted.

I took my school back to simvoly to which I have a lifetime subscription.

I hope you check it out and consider enrolling in a course

Crystal Shopping

This weekend I am blessed with two major crystal events in my area, the gem and mineralogical show right down the street from my house (it’s about a 15 minute drive.)

Then the Gem and Jewelry show in at the Oaks convention center.

I found some real gems (see what I did there?)

I got a ton of Selenite – I have been thinking about the perfect stone to add to my collection and with all the reading I have been doing a lot of people are swearing by selenite as being a must have stone. Now I have selenite, packed in a box somewhere in storage cuz of the tornado, I even have a selenite heart in my car that used to reside in my jacket pocket for work. Due to the work I am doing right now in my life (clearing, cleansing, and protecting) selenite seemed like the perfect stone for me.

Some of the other stones I got are:

  • Star Rose Quartz (a rose quartz that has a star reflection in it.) – ring
  • Bumble Bee Jasper – heart shape
  • Chevron Amethyst – skull
  • Dendritic Agate – loose form
  • Pink Lemurian Quartz – natural
  • Apache Tears – tumbled Stone
  • African Turquoise – bracelet
  • Jade – bracelet
  • Peach moonstone – bracelet
  • Pietersite – bracelet
  • Amazonite – bracelet
  • Fluorite – bracelet
  • Epidote Quartz – bracelet
  • Dragons Blood Jasper – bracelet
  • Dendritic Agate – Ring
  • Turquoise – Ring
  • Aquamarine – Ring
  • Charoite – Ring
  • Tanzanite – Ring
  • Pretty Pink Ring with Opal Inlay & rose gold vermeil (925 sterling under)
  • Selenite – a ton. Two bowls, one slab, three towers, and several “wands” or pencils.

As you can tell most of the things I got were in bracelet form. I am running out of fingers for rings and because I am writing more (typing more) I am finding it easier to do that work without a ton of rings spinning around as my fingers get cold.

As I begin working with some of the ones that I am not familiar with you can expect to see a piece done on this website about their properties and my experiences with them. Dragons blood jasper is a good example, I have seen it before but never called to it, this time I was so I know it wants to work with me right now.

Fertility Charm

I am also working on creating a fertility charm for a dear friend of mines family member who wants to get pregnant but having a hard time. So I got some crystals for her. Lets send her some good wishes to a fast conception and event free pregnancy.

Check out these pictures from my weekend excursions and my slow but steady progress on my room (sacred sanctuary.)

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