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There comes a time in our lives where we will be struck with overwhelming grief and sadness and there is nothing more we can do but ride out this emotional roller coaster. What follows is a spell to help you deal with grief.

Items Needed:

  • A white or black candle (black is used to banish and repel- it calls forth all the colors in the rainbow)
  • A Pin or tool to inscribe the candle
  • A Paper and Pen
  • A Fire Safe dish
  • A Small glass of Water
  • Salt
  • A Feather or your fingers

Timing: Best when the moon is going from Full to Dark (Waning Moon).  This Spell can be preformed at any time though.

Set aside at least an hour of time where you will be undesturbed. Prepare yourself as you normally would for a spell or ritual, this can include a ritual bath or smudging yourself with incense or spray. Gather the required items above and prepare your working space. When you are ready center yourself by taking several deep cleansing breaths, while thinking about the working at hand.

Take the white or black candle in your hand and inscribe in it your Name and Birthday, then the words Grief/Sadness then cross out the word so it looks like this:

Grief / Sadness

This step lets the universe know you are ready for change and wish to get rid of the written word from your life. Light the candle while saying these words:

Candle of Wax & Fire

The Pain is real the situation Dire

Guide my path light the way

For a brighter future starting today.

When you have spoken these words write out your burdens and the painful situation you are going through right now. If you are doing this spell for a loved one or friend, write down what it is you know and write at the end “May this be for the good of all especially (name of individual suffering )” Gazing at the candle light fold the paper away from you 3x speaking:

It’s  over and done

It was no good, it was no fun

I am taking control starting today

I send this grief far far away *Set the paper on fire and burn all the pieces in the fire proof dish*

Ashes form as the paper does burn

I know now my life has made a turn

Take the salt and add a few pinches in the water while speaking:

Salt and water a magickal pair

To cleanse myself & cleanse the air

All this potion touches it makes anew

What a powerful witches brew.

Dip the feather or your fingers in the salt water & sprinkle it on yourself, your tools,  the ashes, & your space. Give thanks in whatever way you see fit, and take the cooled ashes for a drive dispose of them somewhere you do not regularly go; this could be a body of water, a forest, or even just a trash can at a shopping center. Walk away/drive away without looking back if you can help it. This helps your subconscious know that you mean business!

May you find peace

©Katie McBrien 2013

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