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Delve deep into your soul


Tarot is a fantastic tool to help you get answers. Seekers use Tarot to bust through blocks and find clarity for any area of their life. You can use tarot to find answers and inspiration for any area of your life.

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Tarot contains 78 cards which can be read symbolically, intuitively, and predictively, and any variation thereof. 

Many use tarot for: 

  • Understanding hard relationships. 

  • Finding a new path to take. 

  • Navigating breakups and new jobs. 

  • and so much more!

To learn more about how to use the tarot and the meanings of the 78 cards please go here


Katie McBrien

Katie McBrien, brings you answers to your most intimate and pressing questions, and everything is 100% confidential.

I am LBGTQA+ friendly, complete no judgement zone!

I provide a quick turnaround for readings, usually within several hours. My reading style is friendly, but I don't sugar coat readings, if you want the truth I am the reader to go to.

I combine intuition, psychic sight(clairvoyance), and traditional Tarot. I also mix in oracle cards as well.

To learn more about my reading style please check out my blog, where I offer free readings.



The Lenormand is a system of 36 cards that contain a single symbol, the symbol is put together with other cards to form statements and sentences. In many ways reading the Lenormand is like learning a new language. 

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The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of our souls entire existence. It stores our collective memories, love, heartache, pain, bonds, declarations, and more.  

We can go into our Akashic Records to seek out why we keep experiencing the same things over and over again, why we have problems with certain people or situations. The Akashic Records can shed invaluable light on to our souls growth, propelling us forward into new chapters in our life.