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I want to introduce to you one of your most powerful spirit guides, this is your gatekeeper spirit guide. This article is going to share your gatekeepers unique gift that they bring to your spiritual support team. You can also download a free meditation to connect with your gatekeeper spirit guide.

What is a gatekeeper spirit guide?

Your gatekeeper spirit guide is the most important spirit guide if you’re doing any kind of spiritual work.

It’s the most important to know before you begin exploring the wonderful world of spirit guides, shamanism, and anything else that relates to energy work.

A gatekeeper spirit guide guards over your inner space, your soul-self. They can make connections with other energies or spirits in a safe manner for you. To keep you safe and protected.

Who can be a gatekeeper spirit guide?

I am going to first start off by telling you about my gatekeeper spirit guide.

My gatekeeper spirit guide comes to me as a strong stoic literal gatekeeper, almost like a gargoyle that stands near me, he holds a spear and a shield. He is always by myside and I feel him behind me and to the left.

Literally anything can be your gatekeeper spirit guide, if you have taken my free Introduction to Spirit Guides Masterclass, you would know how versatile your guides can be.

Your gatekeeper spirit guide could be:

  • a person (known/unknown/living/dead.)
  • ancestor.
  • animal.
  • mythological creature.
  • Divine archetypes such as a God/Goddess
  • an angel.
  • In some rare cases – a character from a movie or a video game series. While I think this is less likely it’s is possible to “create” this type of temporary protector spirit to watch over you for a time being. The thought process being is that what we think about and put energy into we create.
  • Thoughtforms.

The key is to do a mediation and see who comes up as your gatekeeper spirit guide.

Interested in learning more? Check out our Spirit Guide Workshop!

Working with your Gatekeeper spirit guide

Working with your gatekeeper spirit guide is as easy as you make it. It can be as simple as saying

I call on my gatekeeper spirit guide.

Inserting their name if you know it or just calling on their position in your spiritual support team. You could also make it a ritual, light candles, incense, or anything else that sets the mood as something special. Then calling on your guides to be be with you and work on connecting with them there.

I personally, feel that making a ceremony necessary to connect with your spirit guides is bad. Therefore, if you’re in a situation such as at work, driving home, or on the subway, you can’t light candles and incense and ring a bell three times while doing Gregorian chants, hey some people are going to want to do that!

You may need your gatekeeper spirit guide when exiting the subway walking down an alley to go home, what then?

It’s my goal to make spiritual work as mundane as possible, I mostly talk to my guides while I am driving. I don’t care what the car next to me thinks, they are living their life, I am living mine. Most of my work with my spirit guides is in the car.

You should do whatever calls to you though, that is just my word of caution. Don’t make it so fancy that you can’t find that connection during mundane life, when you may need your spirit guides, ESPECIALLY your gatekeeper spirit guide.

Meet Your Gatekeeper Meditation

To get this meditation for free:

Remember if you have any questions you can message me any time: [email protected] or find me on social media – you could always give me a follow too if you liked this article and free mediation.

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