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I wrote out this really long blog post about my last couple of weeks, but realized it was just a bit too much even for me to read LOL. It’s been a shit couple of weeks for me.

Anyways, lets do a couple quick updates & a musing or two on life.


This site upgrade is pretty much done. My courses are here. Life is good.

I am officially a first degree Cabot Witch, which is awesome, I didn’t take the class to have that title, I took it to learn more Laurie’s method of accessing psychic information. While I do not believe in everything that she believes in, it was an honor to take the course and to have studied under someone who has had such an impact on shaping one of the worlds fastest growing spiritual practices. Definitely one of the most influential people in Wicca/Witchcraft.

What I Believe

I want to take a brief moment to explain my beliefs. I started practicing Wicca when I was 12/13 years old, raised catholic, I knew that wasn’t the path for me when I was just a little girl. While most girls were thinking about dressing up, dolls, boys, etc. I was thinking about spiritual shit – yeah I’ve been this way my entire life. Ok, not gonna lie, I did still think about boys but it really wasn’t my sole focus.

While there are a lot of things that resonate as true for me within the Wiccan/pagan belief system, there are also the same amount that do not as well.

Why I even call myself a witch.

While I may not be the traditional sense – a witch, I gave away all the herbs, tools, most of my books, etc. that I took me 20 years to gather. When shit hits the fan, I am not beyond casting a spell with what I have on hand.

HOWEVER, what I actually believe is more aligned with animism, which is the belief that everything has an animating spirit or essence within it. Which takes me to shamanism.

Shamanic Beliefs

I will always revert to my Shamanic practices before anything else. I don’t see the divine as being a separate exterior entity from us that we must beg for assistance or love. Or worse, need some random guy to talk too God on our behalf.


My divine is both masculine and feminine, the great cosmic mother loved by the Q’ero tribe in Peru “Pachamama” or if you want to get into fierce Goddess energy – Hekate. Just recently the loving abundant father God of the wild Cernunnos, who has made himself known to me in so many ways that it’s almost a joke now.

However, these are all facets of the divine, and just like we get to choose who we marry. I think the divine is the same. THEY ARE all the same, really if you want to boil it down and reduce the extra bits and humans need to control the narrative, their essence is mostly the same.

The key is not to be an asshole about it. I don’t CARE what you believe in as long as it doesn’t hurt me or impact me and you’re not a dick about it. In that honor, I don’t sit here and try to jam my beliefs on anyone. In fact, unless you’re a good friend, chances are you wouldn’t even know what I believe in unless you found me online.

Anyways, I digress. What I am trying to say is that the divine comes to us in a way that is most suitable for our current life experience. For some that is being a Muslim, or Jewish, or Christian etc. For me, it’s what I explained above.

While YES I do “talk” to two very Witchy God/dess’s Cernunnos and Hekate, I also am very much aware of the cosmic Goddess Pachamama. The Q’ero’s spiritual practices make sense to me, if they didn’t work a tribe untouched by modern civilization until around 1950, would have adapted their practices of healing and spiritual beliefs that did work.

Shamanism is a practical practice, if it doesn’t work, doesn’t help the community at a whole then it is thrown away and practices are adapted and changed. I think we are so used to taking stories as euphemisms that when we listen to indigenous beliefs we forget one key aspect, mainly because it’s not something we have to think about.

If a belief or practice doesn’t help the community survive then it is no longer valid, because the actual health and wellbeing of that community depend on it!

So centuries of working with Pachamama, the Apus (mountain spirits), and nustas (or feminine spirits.) wouldn’t be a valid practices if it doesn’t help their community.

It would have shifted and changed. It is the same though, and that means it works.

What we do get though, if you study traditionally, is a set of beliefs and practices that are mostly untouched. What I do find fascinating is how many of their practices and beliefs are eerily similar to other core spiritual beliefs of other indigenous people around the world.

What I find to be interesting the most is the two deities that have called out to me the most, Hekate and Cernunnos are both liminal, meaning they straddle the threshold between the worlds – aka they are both very SHAMANIC!

Cernunnos for sure is more shamanic because of his tie to the natural world and the animals that inhabit it. Hekate is between the world of the humans and the spirit helpers (ancestors/god/goddesses/nature spirits/etc.) That aspect hasn’t escaped my attention either.

Which brings me to another point about soul make up. Some of us, because of either internal or external factors, are more aligned to certain beliefs than others.

I do not know why I am the way I am, what caused me to first believe/know that this is who I am but I do know that I wouldn’t change my beliefs or spiritual practices for anything or anyone.

Anyways, just some early morning ponderings.

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