Submission Sundays - Love & Commitment Magick

This week Amanda e-mailed me and asked about love magick. Amanda wants to know:

The guy I have been seeing on and off for the last three years still can't make a commitment to me; i want to cast a love spell to take it to the next level. Any advice? 

Hi Amanda, I am sorry that the guy you have been seeing for so long can't come to terms with himself in your life. Love magick is a tricky subject, most blogging witches do say that you should never cast a spell to make another person love you. 

While in some cases I agree with that; especially with someone who is going after a mate that doesn't really give them the time of day. With your situation, however, if you have been seeing someone on and off it doesn't really seem that you need a "love spell" it seems more that you need a commitment spell. Generally speaking guys don't stick around for that long unless there are some deeper feelings involved. Especially if you guys hang out all the time. 

So I see that you have several choices here; while this blog isn't about spell creation as I offer Spell Consultations. I can give you some correspondences to help you along your path and if you need more information you can book your spell consultation with me and we can write your spell together. 

Please note that you'll have to do some research to find out if it's safe to handle these herbs and plants for magick. Some may be poisonous. 

Correspondences for Commitment:

  • Ivy vines 
  • Adam and Eve root
  • Crowfoot plant 
  • Holly Leaves
  • Diopside crystal
  • Tigers eye crystal
  • Rhodocrocite 
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Friday 
  • Hour of Venus 
  • Two of cups
  • Four of wands 
  • Lovers 

These are just a few correspondences that foster commitment in relationships. I hope this helps you come up with some ideas on how to take your relationship to the next level. 

If you are worried about your mans free will, as you probably should be if you are truly in love with him, you should do this spell to his higher self so that they can work with your higher self, you may find yourself ok with how the relationship is after this spell. Magick works in mysterious ways and oftentimes the real magick occurs within us before it ripples out into the world around us. 

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