Tarot Tuesday 5/16/17

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! I know I am.

This week we will be using the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba

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Card 1- Three of Wands

You are in control this week, this week is all about setting an intention and sending it off into the universe to manifest. Perhaps you have a new idea, a new romance, a new job; or a desire for something new to come into your universe.

Magickal Advice- Get clear on what it is you would like & write it down. Writing something to paper brings your desire from thought into reality and the manifestation process can begin. 

Card 2- The Star 

The star joined us again! It was present last week! How awesome! Like the three of wands what you desire can come into being; but this is more in the wishing stages than the three of wands which has the added power of the suite of fire. Again I ask you; what is it you truly desire? Begin that meditative process of deciding what it is you want so you can begin bringing it into being. 

Magickal advice- when you decide what it is you want; work with the planetary energies of the day to add an extra umph to your magickal intention setting. 

Card 3- Nine of Wands

Oh you are on the defensive this week, ready for battle. Is this mindset really necessary? What happened that is causing your hackles to rise? Of course the opposite also applies here maybe you are too lax about you life and you need to step up the protective work. Sometimes it's easy for us to not see, either because we don't want too or because we cant, when something is hurting us or has the potential to hurt us. The nine of wands will help you figure out if you are being too protective or not protective enough.

Magickal Advice- Get a black stone such as: black tourmaline, black onyx, or jet. Look on the internet for a nine of wands picture that really calls out to you. Take several moments connecting to that image, and then ask yourself do I need more protection or to be more open? Carry the black crystal with you this week as a talisman of protection. 

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