Tarot Tuesday 5/23/17

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday's! Again we are using The Everyday Witch Tarot (it's my favorite!) 

Pick a Card


Card 1 Nine of Wands-

If this is your card you are on the defensive; you are ready for the next battle, the next strike. You're spent waiting for the shoe to drop. You need to go within this week and see if this hypervigillent stance is really needed. Perhaps everything is okay & you can allow yourself sometime to heal, or perhaps you need to hold off a bit longer. Either way you are back is against a wall and there really is no where else to go. 

Magickal Advice- close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, once you feel yourself begin to relax, ask yourself "is it really necessary for me to be on the defensive this week?" If so carry with you a black tourmaline crystal and a citrine. The black tourmaline will protect your energy & the citrine will help bring good vibes to you. If it's not necessary for you to be so protective i recommend carrying a Lepidolite; as this stone will help you relax. 

Card 2 The Emperor-

You're in charge this week, even if you don't really want to be. It's time to take a step up and be a leader. Normally I would recommend being sure you are compassionate of everyone's feelings, even if that means adapting the plan a bit but the emperor is more a bigger picture kinda guy. Take a look at the bigger picture and if you must, sometimes feelings can get hurt in the name of the bigger picture- this does not mean be a bully or be hot headed though. You're in charge this week make the best of it!

Magickal Advice- wear orange and red this week, carnelian is a good stone to carry with you, this will help you boost your energy & lend you the air of confidence even if you don't feel you have any. 

Card 3 Four of Swords-

I don't know what you have planned this week but the cards advice is "take it easy!"  it's funny because the other two cards are all about jumping in head first, but this card is about going within to find peace, answers, and healing. You may have been pushing yourself too much as of late and need a good rest. Listen to the cards so you don't end up getting sick.

Magickal Advice- run yourself a nice bath, add in some lavender essential oil or bath salts if you can and give yourself YOU time to rest. Even if you have the busiest of weeks you can fit in a good 20-30 minutes of bath time to rest and rejuvenate your soul! Some good stones for this are; amethyst, moonstone, selenite (it can't get wet though). 

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