Tarot Tuesday 5/9/2017

I don't know about you; but last week was a rough one. I am ready to get some guidance for this coming week so I can know how to handle it with ease & grace.

This week we are using my favorite tarot deck; The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba.






This week is a week of getting in touch with yourself and your dreams, this is a positive card which provides hope for a better week than last. What is it you truly desire? Bring forth the energy of the divine to help you manifest your goals. The lovely lady has her hands raised bringing forth divine energy and she's bringing it down to the physical; she's a conduit for that divine spark- just as we are. The cat looks at the fish, perhaps he manifested that fish himself by his desires. 

Magickal Advice- go outside at night when it's dark and connect with yourself through deep breathing; look up at the stars and make a wish for something you really desire. Sit for several moments and see if any action steps come to you about how you can accomplish that wish. 


this week you may find yourself holding on to something you really want or think you need too much, you're guarding it with all your attention & energy, but you've created for yourself a prison & it's time to break free. This week relax a little, if you really need a break but don't want to spend the money because you're afraid of what the future may bring than this is definitely the card for you; what exactly is the point of living if we can't enjoy life as it's going. There's nothing wrong with saving your money for a rainy day (as the saying goes) but if you look out the window there are storm clouds threatening. Look at what you have, what you can afford to part with and go out and live a little. There's more time to build up your resources but do not become so focused on that that you forget to enjoy life. 

Magickal Advice- To bring more money to you get 5 one dollar bills and put them in an envelope with a bayleaf. Draw a dollar sign on the outside of the envelope and visualize the money inside multiplying and place the envelope in your underwear drawer. Anytime you find yourself with an extra dollar bill floating around place it in the envelope. Save this money for a future rainy day, but keep one dollar bill aside- donate this last dollar to charity, usually convenient stores and gas stations have a coin jar near the register for donations. 


This queen is all about action & following her divine spark (she thinks of something and goes for it!) She isn't afraid or if she is she doesn't let it stop her! Sometimes the suit cards represent specific people in our lives, but other times they represent what we need to adopt in our own lives, the traits of these people cards. This week is a good week for you if you let it; others will be up beat and optimistic and if they aren't it's your turn to help them find that attitude. Go out and enjoy life! 

Magickal Advice- Carry with you a citrine and a carnelian stone to help boost your happiness and energy so you can go out and enjoy the best that life has to offer this week!