Tarot Tuesday 6/13/2017

It's a really hot one here in Pennsylvania, we are hitting the highest temperatures of the summer so far. I'm enjoying being inside and writing this post to cool off from the 90+ weather. I hope you have a wonderful week!  

Again we are using The Everyday Witch Tarot again, it's my absolute "go-to" deck right now. 

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal ideas! 

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Card 1- Queen of Pentacles

Look at you sitting on your throne! You certainly look regal, I really get a sense of basking in your accomplishments this week, specifically material accomplishments. Of course there is more to this card than just that. This week allow yourself to be "a rock" to someone; be there and be supportive to those you care most about; they are going through some tough times. If you are having a hard time then you need to call out this queen within yourself; she exists. Be your own best friend, instead of your own enemy this week.   

Magickal Advice- when I see this card I see the stone black tourmaline. Black tourmaline will help to ground you and those around you; keeping out negative energies and allowing positive energies into your life. To allow yourself to enjoy the hard work you've done so far in your life I suggest burning a green candle and charging a jade or aventurine crystal which can be carried throughout the week. 

Card 2- Temperance

Balance this week is really needed; this is more than just juggling everyday life duties, this is balance within our inner self. Something is off kilter this week and this card is asking you to find that sweet spot within yourself. This card often comes up to me when I am obsessing over something in my head it could be money issues, relationship issues, etc. This card is about divine alchemy as well mixing of the opposite to create something whole- this could be twin flames coming together as one in a divine partnership more deeply than the lovers card! 

Magickal Advice- in case you haven't realized by now but I see all my issues as being able to be fixed or healed by stones. When I saw this card I saw the stone lepidolite which has a deeply calming effect; this stone can help you if you are obsessing over a certain issue and need to find inner balance by quieting the mind and body to begin working together instead of against each other. The divine alchemy I see as a twin quartz formation which is two quartz crystals growing together; spell work can be done by visiting your shadow self and making piece with it.  

Card 3- Page of Swords

You're ready to take on the world this week! You have new ideas and new inspiration and you are ready to implement them in the world; but because this is a page I caution against anything too drastic until the plans have been developed a bit more. The page is not as mature as a knight, queen, or king. So some more information is necessary before you birth this great idea into being. I often see this as a kid who's learned a new skill and wants to jump right into it full force without the practice; take bicycle riding for example; you can't go from training wheels to bike tricks over night there are skills to sharpen. So what ideas are you ready to implement this week that maybe need some fine tuning? 

Magickal Advice- Advice for the page of swords is to journal. There is something inside of you that wishes to come out but it's not quite realized its full potential yet. There is some soul searching to be done. Break out your journal and write about all the wonderful ideas that are bouncing about in your head and see which is the best and go from there. 

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