Tarot Tuesday 6/27/2017

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We are going to switch it up this week & use a different deck.

The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal tips to help you best navigate this week! 

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Card 1- Wheel of Fortune

Nothing stays the same that's for sure; and this card shows that calamity can strike at anytime; though this is a darker version of the Wheel of fortune than I like; it does bring up a good point. What goes up must go down and what goes down must go up. If things are going well for you right now; you can expect a shake up. If things are going bad for you then the world is going to shift in your favor for a while. Ride out the waves of good and bad and remember the only constant in life is change. 

Magickal Advice- The wheel of fortune is best paired with a black tourmaline crystal or some hematite. Grounding is essential to the wheel of fortune because things can change at a moments notice; you have to be ready to handle those changes with grace & calm. Remember you can always imagine yourself growing roots and sending any negative energies down into the center of the earth and bringing up peace and calming energies through the soles of your feet. 

Card 2- 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of pentacles is a card of ultimate prosperity, gaining materialistic things that you've worked hard to get. Remember though that just because you've gotten something doesn't mean it's good for you. Think of a billionaire who takes their money and hoards it and is rude to everyone they come in contact with. Just because you've gotten what it is you seek remember that balance is needed, don't let it go to your head. Overall though this is a wonderful card & you can expect to see the reaping of what you have sown- for good or bad. 

Magickal Advice- to help bring abundance into your life carry with you an aventurine crystal which helps bring in prosperity of all kind couple that with a black stone like black onyx or hematite to keep you grounded. 

Card 3- Empress

It's a time of nurturing yourself and those around you. You have taken on the role of "mother" for something or you should rather take on the role of "mother" to something that is really important to you & needs some love & affection. What area's in your life are lacking? What areas in your life can you apply these motherly energies too? This card can also herald a time of fertility if you are trying to get pregnant now is a good time to try. On the contrary if you are not trying to get pregnant be extra vigilant with your birth control methods as an unexpected pregnancy could happen. 

Magickal Advice- The moon is growing perfect for growing things in your life, write down a small list (no more than 3 things) that you wish to grow in the coming weeks, this could be; love, money, satisfaction in your life. When you have your list take it outside to a place where you'll not be disturbed and bury it in the earth. The earth is the ultimate empress.  

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