Tarot Tuesday 6/6/2017

Heeyyyyy!! I hope everyone is having a great week thus far, this past week was my birthday. Gemini baby! I had a wonderful time celebrating with those I love. 

Again we are using The Everyday Witch Tarot again, it's my absolute "go-to" deck right now. 

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal ideas! 

Scroll Down For Card Reveal


Card 1- Page of Cups

This week is about focusing on new emotional experiences. Something new is coming our way this week that brings us into a new emotional chapter in our lives. This could be a change in an existing relationship we are already in, or something new coming our way. Either way it's a breath of fresh air! This card says it's time to express what is in your heart and soul in new and creative ways. Perhaps what you've done in the past hasn't worked for you? Create this week, you're being guided to let your heart soar!  

Magickal Advice- even if you don't consider yourself a creative person this week i want you to create something. Take out a pad of paper and a pen and draw, paint to a canvas, do something creative and let out those emotions that are wishing to be expressed. When you're finished you can either save it or dispose of it magickally by either burning it or burying it. 

Card 2- The Seven of Wands

Poised and ready for a fight, this week be on the ready for a situation that may leave you in danger. Usually I see this card as being paranoid, but I was particularly drawn to the black cat with its back arched which screamed at me instincts. There is something going on that is making you uncomfortable & i think you have the right to be. Investigate and be ready to handle whatever comes your way. 

Magickal Advice- If you have an orange or red candle, I suggest burning that anointed with olive oil and surround the base with protective stones. During the day carry one of the stones and at night replace it. Burn the candle each night for one to three hours. 

Card 3- The 10 of Pentacles 

This week we get to sit back and enjoy our hard work. You've worked so hard and can enjoy some of the fruits of your labor with those you love and care about. Invite friends and family over for a celebration of life, you don't need a major life event to celebrate, even just making it through another week is a good enough reason to celebrate. Let yourself enjoy life this week, go out to eat, spend time with family doing board games or even watching a movie everyone might enjoy.  

Magickal Advice- For those of you who are afraid to loosen the reigns on your savings, light a green candle for abundance and carry a piece of aventurine in your pocket. To enjoy what life has to offer carry a piece of sunstone with you to brighten even the darkest of days. 

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