Tarot Tuesday 7/11/2017

I must first apologize for the lack of posting the last few days; I haven't had more than 3 hours of sleep each night for the last 4 days. I have been really struggling; i think it has to do with the full moon or maybe just a bunch of racing thoughts that i can't shut off. 

Either way; i hope that I am back and i'll be catching up on those posts that I missed these last few days; spellcraft Saturday, submission Sunday, and magick Monday will be coming soon!

Thank you for your patience. 

I have new and exciting news to share:

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I really enjoyed using The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott last week so we will use it again! 

The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal tips to help you best navigate this week! 

Scroll Down For Card Reveal


Card 1- Justice

Justice tells us it's time for balance; and boy I can relate. We must remain true and just in all things that we do this week; pure of heart and intention will set the stage for successful outcomes. Remember that justice doesn't see our emotional reasons for doing something; it doesn't care- it cares that we are true and right. How can you apply these principles this week? 

Magickal Advice- Light a white candle every night this week and meditate on the question: How can I remain fair in my everyday life? Sometimes we get too caught up with our wants and our desires that we push other peoples needs aside.  

Card 2- The Devil

The devil hasn't visited us before in Tarot Tuesdays, don't worry he isn't a bad character, in fact most devil cards are quite attractive men. Devil talks all about temptation in all its various forms, money, sex/lust, obsession, etc. There's one deck, the robin wood tarot I believe that shows a woman escaping a tunnel with a big chest of money that she's having a hard time pulling and you can imagine that somethings coming after her but she's hauling this behind her- we can remove the chains that bind us; we can choose to make the right (justice) decisions. This week don't give into the things that could be damaging to you- have one cookie instead of 5, one glass of wine instead of half the bottle, enjoy one tv show instead of bindge watching the entire season in a night. It's also important to remember your goals and stay focused on them it's so easy to put things off for another day. 

Magickal Advice- The devil is all about finding inner balance so that you aren't lead astray by temptations; try carrying a grounding crystal like black onyx, black tourmaline, or jet to keep you balanced and grounded. 

Card 3- The Moon

If you've picked this card this week you're still being influenced by the moons power! The full moon was especially potent this month; trust me it's kept me awake for 4 days with three hours of sleep a night! You're going to be extra in-tune psychically to the world around you. Thats okay! of course just in real life we we look outside at the moon, the shadowy glow that the moon casts creates illusions- what we think is something isn't quite what it appears. So this week before jumping to any conclusions write down your observations or impressions and sit with it for a while before freaking out! Trust me you'll be glad later that you had a chance to see things under a new light. 

Magickal Advice- yeah you guessed it i am going to recommend you carry a moonstone with you this week, if the energy is too strong couple it with a grounding stone like black tourmaline or shungite both of which are incredibly powerful. If moonstone is too strong for you, and as i write this i think it maybe the thing that kept me up for the last 4 days gonna take that bracelet off now, try labradorite it increases psychic abilities by keeps you protected and grounded in the process!    

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