Tarot Tuesday 7/18/2017

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I really enjoyed using The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott last week so we will use it again! 

The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal tips to help you best navigate this week! 

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Card 1- Art/Temperance

I love this depiction of the Temperance card; this entire deck is very artsy. Temperance is all about finding inner balance within yourself. It's more complex than the justice card; this card is about alchemy finding the balance to make something magickal happen. It's combining forces to move forward, it's about finding balance with your emotions and wishes and that of others. Often times when I am being very psychically empathetic I'll have this card come up to remind me to balance myself. 

Magickal Advice- If you choose this card this week I suggest spending time in nature to find balance. Oftentimes when we are out of balance it's because we haven't taken the time to check in with ourselves and be present. Being in nature is the perfect way to do that. 

Card 2- Truce / 4 of Swords

The four of swords is the calm after emotional storm and heart ache of the 3 of swords. You feel raw, you feel exposed and vulnerable but because you are tired you're just ready for it to be over you may find yourself backing away from your ideals and just calling a truce like this card suggests. Just as my suggestion for the Art/Temperance card- this cards actual advice is to take time to heal to take time for yourself. Put yourself in an actual time out! The Rider-Waite Tarot deck depicts a man lying down in what appears to be a church and his hands are in the prayer position. He's resting taking time to realign his mind, body, and spirit. 

Magickal Advice- My advice for this card is very similar to the previous one however, I would like not only for you to spend time in nature but also to do some magick. Connect with spirit the Divine, however you see the divine being! Find true alignment. Practical advice is its time for a Chaka alignment!  You can do that by taking a: clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, rosequartz, citrine, carnelian, garnet, and black tourmaline in that order and put them on each of your chakra's. 


Card 3- The Emperor 

What a difference; we have two very passive inner cards and then the emperor which is a very dominate & authoritative card. This week figure out what you want and go for it! If you need to get on your soap box and preach it! Do not let others sway you from your stance you know what is best and you need to be the authority on you! Don't be surprised if you are thrown into a leader role in various aspects at work; home, and personal relationships. Go for it! You have it in you! 

Magickal Advice- As i sit here thinking what to write here i am seeing a beautiful carnelian stone; yup most of my magickal remedies are stones. Carnelian stone to me is the emperor; so if you can get your hand on it; carry a carnelian stone this week to help you with energy, enthusiasm, and drive!     

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