Tarot Tuesday 7/25/2017

I think life has finally begun to go back into some semblance of normality for me I shouldn't have any problems blogging on my normal schedule. I am not really sleeping like I want to be but that's ok; I look forward to my afternoon nap time. 

I really enjoyed digging deep into the Urban Tarot by Robin Scott last week so we will use it again! 

The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal tips to help you best navigate this week! 

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Card 1- Three of Cups

Sweet! This card is awesome; this week you get to celebrate your accomplishments and those accomplishments of those you love and hold dear! What a wonderful way to spend the week. If someone you know has done something pretty awesome lately why don't you plan a get together and celebrate! Either way make time for friends and loved ones this week and sit back and have a good time. This is truly a wonderful card! 

Magickal Advice- This week I want to suggest some kitchen witchery to help you celebrate your accomplishments and the accomplishments of those you love!  Look on pinterest or a favorite cookbook for an awesome recipe that you can easily make in your weeks time restraints. Before you begin gather your ingredients and light a white candle, white can be programmed with any intention. Light the candle with a magickal mantra or spell you can use my Sea Witch Charm Empowerment Chant and then cook. Kitchen Witchery is practical and easy, no need to complicate it. 

Card 2- Justice

Justice comes again to remind us that we must remain emotionally fair in everything we do. While other cards that indicate fairness give us a little leeway when it comes to our emotions this card does not. Remove emotion from the equation as much as possible; i know we are human and it's hard, and then make your choices and decisions from there. Do everything this week from a place of love. I am also getting a strong indication of following the rules; no speeding, use your turn signals, etc. Justice will be extra perceptive this week.

Magickal Advice- With justice coming up again and again I think we need to take a magickal journey to meet justice. I think this is like the 4th week it's come up on and off! Look at the justice card above for at least 5 minutes, imagine yourself there with the character on the card, ask this character what advice they have for you & listen. Don't do anything that doesn't sit right with you but just be a silent observer to the advice that was given and run it through you gut. How does it make you feel? Journal about your experiences.  

Card 3- Three of Wands

I think this is an interesting interpretation for the 3 of wands, a fire truck. While for me this is not a traditional meaning for the three of wands; i think of the three of wands more along the lines of expansion of our actions; viewing what we've put out into the world. This firetruck interpretation is more along the lines of doing the right thing when faced with a hard choice. First responders of any kind go into life threatening situations to save others; fireman, police officers, paramedics, etc. When you're faced with hard choices this week will you be the leader, because after all what is a good leader if they do not have virtue? 

Magickal Advice- When I have hard situations brewing i like to check in with my inner-self before proceeding! I think that's one of the reasons I was so drawn to tarot; it's more than just a prediction tool, it's a way to learn about myself and get advice for the best course of actions. This week I want to advise you to pull out your journal (if you don't have one then please go buy one, or create a specific folder on your computer for journaling) What could you potentially face this week that may cause you to step into this leader role? What energy have you put into the universe as of late? Is it good or bad?     

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