Tarot Tuesday 7/4/2017

So sorry for the late posting of this! I enjoyed my 4th of July by resting after working all day. I hope everyone had a Happy 4th! 

I have new and exciting news to share:

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I really enjoyed using The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott last week so we will use it again! 

The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

Take several minutes and focus on the cards below, when you have picked your card scroll down for it's meaning and some magickal tips to help you best navigate this week! 

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Card 1- Prince of Disks

The prince of disks is someone who does things sometimes without thinking; just like the day trader they can be reckless or impulsive with their assests. Some choices lead to big payouts and others lead to bankruptcy. This week be careful with your money; think things through before you invest on a big purchase that maybe isn't necessary. Guard your savings the things that you've worked hard on accumulating. 

Magickal Advice- Before doing big expenditures as yourself is this really worth it? Light a white candle and write down all the pro's and con's. Carry a hematite crystal and a green aventurine to help bring abundance and grounding to you this week. 

Card 2- The Emperor

The emperor has a powerful air of authority around him or her, yes the emperor can be a woman, or rather a trait that a woman can foster within herself. The emperor thinks of the bigger picture and isn't afraid to act, but he or she isn't callous or harsh in his or her final choice. Be sure that as you go about your daily activities this week that you act in a way that helps everyone not just the few. 

Magickal Advice- work on balancing your crown chakra this week to align yourself with the higher powers around you so that you can better see the bigger picture. Good crystals to help are: selenite, clear quartz, herkimer diamond, and hiddenite. 

Card 3- Justice

I think it's interesting that this card came up following the emperor; the emperor has to be just in all that he or she does, and justice here says that balance is needed within the exterior world. This isn't internal so much like the Temperance card, but more the scales will remain balanced and justice is blind. As you go through this week act in a way that is fair to all parties because emotions rarely play into the real energy of justice, this is not the American judicial system. Justice at it's core is a primal energy that cares not about our emotions; why we did something, it only focuses on right and wrong. Take this into consideration this week. 

Magickal Advice- Hekate is a Greek Goddess of the crossroads but she was often petitioned for justice, if there is a matter that needs to be balanced you can call on Hekate to work her magick, remember though that Hekate will look at everything so make sure you're actions were in order before you call on her.   

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