Natural Magick

Natural magick is the the art of doing magick that connects you to the energy of the earth & natural world; the elements: earth, air, fire, & water. To bring you closer to the Goddess & God through sympathetic natural magick.  

The Witching Way

Here at The Witching Way our mission is to bring you information on natural witchery, to help you connect to you the magick of the ocean & woods. A witches true source of power and sense of being comes from his or her connection to the natural forces that make up our world & the connection to our Goddess & God. 

What You Can Expect To Find Here

Above all this website is an online school, a growing grimoire or witches book of magick that will help guide you on your path, offering both free & paid information to help you on your path. To help your connection to the Goddess, God, and Natural world grow & deepen. 


Thursday & Fridays are days of rest & connection to the divine, and no services will be rendered those days.  


Tarot Readings - several different types of readings to help you get answers and guidance for your most pressing questions & life challenges, at reasonable and affordable pricing. 

Tarot Readings
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Spellcraft Consultations- sometimes we need more help and guidance when we are faced with a major issue in our lives; this service includes; a tarot reading to get to the heart of the issue, a 30 minute skype or phone consultation where we discuss the best possible magickal solution for you.  

Spell Consultations
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I do offer a free copy of my e-book Water Magick: Using the Element of Water to Transform You Life. Just Fill out the form to get immediate access to your FREE Copy!

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