Crystal Manifestation Live E-Course

Crystal Manifestation Live E-Course


Live on December 2, 2017 at 3:00pm EST. discover how to use crystals for manifestation, a number of popular crystals properties will be explained. This course will focus and teach how to use clear quartz for manifestation any goal that you may have. Each student will receive a clear quartz crystal mailed to them before the start of this courseLimited to 10 students so ACT FAST! 

You'll receive:

  • A gorgeous printable guidebook; including crystal properties, crystal prescriptions for healing and manifestation, in-depth how-to's, and more! 
  • A live 90 minute Video course with me, Katie. (this will be via google) 
  • A clear quartz crystal mailed to your house with instructions on how to prepare your crystal for class. 
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Course materials and private link to the class will be sent to you 11/27/2017. Your special crystal handpicked by me will be mailed out several days after purchase of the course.