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Use this spell to transform the energy around a situation.

Items Needed: 

  • Black Pen
  • Paper
  • Green Candle
  • Matches
  • Candle Holder

Timing: Anytime

Tide: Anytime

Gather the required items needed for this spell.  Prepare yourself as you normally would for magick; hold the candle in your hand and charge it for transformation. You can speak these or similar words:

What I want is set in my mind

my magick is firm and defined.

Light the candle. Draw the rune dagaz listed above on the piece of paper, write what you wish to transform on the other side. Light the paper on fire. 

Let the candle burn out and the ashes cool. Scatter the ashes to the wind, and remove the candle from your property, cleanse your tools. The magick is done. You may repeat this spell until you see a difference in the situation.

©Katie McBrien 2014

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