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Welcome to the enchanted world of the witch. The Witch empowers her life with acts of natural magick to bring about desired changes in her life. A Witch walks with nature; she speaks the language of the natural world including the animals, insects, trees, herbs, roots, stones and the weather. Witches have been around for centuries, they started off as the village wise woman or the village shaman, an intermediary between the world of the living and the realm of the spirits. They provided healing, spiritual work, mediumship, sacred dreaming, and of course spells and charms.  Then the world of the Witch shifted, people do not go to the Witch as they used too.

My website is my way of unearthing the ancient spirit of the Witch. Someone who is free to walk the path our ancestors once lived, freeing us of the restricting dogma that binds us now. In doing this we are allowing the spirits, guides and ancestors to speak to us directly freeing us to explore the path of the wild Witch. Allowing their great and timeless craft to once again envelope us giving us the opportunity to help all that we come in contact with.