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I think it’s important early on in a witches practice to learn what to do with spellcraft remains. Doing the wrong thing could have unexpected or adverse consequences on your spellcraft and enchantments.

We are going to go over what to do with spells remains for something we are trying to bring into our life and something we are trying to get rid of within our life.

Banishing Spells

Any type of banishing spell where you want to get rid of something that isn’t suiting you, or if you feel that you are in danger and trying to rid yourself of that influence, you should:

Dispose of the spell remains off your property

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to:

  • Burn it
  • Bury it
  • Send it in a river or ocean
  • Throw it away in a trash can far away from an area we frequent (a shopping center we almost never go too.)

Enchantments & Manifestations

For these types of spells where you are trying to bring something towards you, I recommend:

Keep the items on our property or person.

Some examples are:

  • Money spells – carry in a sachet or in your wallet or near a lucky money drawing statue within our houses.
  • Love spells – under your mattress or in your underwear drawer
  • Beauty spells– where you keep your make-up, lotion, hairbrush etc. (not all woman wear make-up.)
  • Protection Spells – where you’re trying to bring protection to you, you should carry the spell items with you in a mojo bag, crane bag, or sachet.
  • Witches’ bottles -you should bury them as close to the front door as possible to stop negative energy from entering within your house.

Working with spell remains is just part of being a witch, if you cast a spell you are going to have:

  • Left over candle bits
  • herbs
  • crystals and stones
  • incense
  • charcoal blocks
  • etc.

It’s important to understand that what you do with them afterwards is just as important as the spell you’re casting.

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