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Sometimes we feel like our “witchyness” may be dwindling or we are not on our “A” game spiritually. This spell is to help us tap back into our “inner- witch”.

For me the word witch carries inherent power, I like the way it resonates within me. This spell may not be as powerful for those who do not resonate with the title witch.

Items Needed: 

  • Clear Quartz crystal (cleansed and ready to go)
  • white or royal purple candle
  • matches
  • salt (quite a fair amount).
  • An edible offering (animal safe) or time to do some volunteer work.

Timing: Whenever Needed, however, a time of building (New to full Moon) is best.

Prepare yourself as best as possible, try to clear your mind. Gather your ingredients, and set up your space in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to your “inner- witch”.  Pick up the candle and fuse your energy within it. You can do this by seeing your aura blending with that of the candle. Think about what a witch is:

  • What does she/he do?
  • How do he/she act?
  • What does she/he wear?
  • What would he/she’s attitude be like?

Project these discoveries into the candle, in a similar fashion to the aura blending exercise above,  then light the candle while saying these or similar words:

This candle is charged and set a fire

bringing about my deepest desire

I am a witch true and sure

fill me with energy pure.

Take the salt and make a circle around the candle, I would say something like this:

With this salt I create a barrier of protection from my inner doubts and fears

Pick up the quartz crystal and hold it up so it captures the candle flame. See how the crystal starts to heat up within your fingers and it reflect the dancing candle light within it’s structure. Quartz is a magickal stone that can take on the charge of whatever we put inside. Think again about the qualities of Witch.

  • What does she/he do?
  • How do he/she act?
  • What does she/he wear?
  • What would he/she’s attitude be like?

This time speak them out-loud to the crystal while it captures the candle light, you can whisper them (whispering is a POWERFUL ACT!), infuse this crystal with what it is like to be a witch in your mind. When you are done, seal the working with these or similar words:

Crystal and candle set the way

to changing my inner witch today

as we grow our energy will shift

This little spell giving me a magickal lift

I am all that I have spoken and more

ethical, powerful, empowered and pure

by the powers of three times three

as I will it so mote it be.

Place the crystal somewhere special such as your altar or in your pocket/purse. Let the candle burn out safely.

Give Thanks by setting out an offering outside to the animals or doing some volunteer work.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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